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Try our new CryptoTab Browser with built-in mining core and get Bitcoins up to 8X faster compared to the Google Chrome.

Install CryptoTab Browser and get increased speed combined with familiar Google Chrome interface and tweaked features.

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Download and setup usually take less than a minute.
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Chrome-based browsing experience
Built-in CryptoTab mining features
Sync everything across multiple devices
Blazing fast and lightweight browser

Why use CryptoTab Browser?

We created a special web browser with built-in mining features. Familiar Chrome user interface combined with extremely fast mining speed. Mine and browse at the same time!
Up to +800%

Easy to import your data from another browser and sync it across multiple devices

Import your bookmarks, favorites list, history, extensions, etc. from any of your previously used browsers and continue browsing with the same UI and additional mining features.

Improve your browser experience with over 150k extensions

Set up your browser using tons of extensions for your purposes. Get ad-blocking and security solutions, enhance your productivity, add custom design themes and much more.

Mine bitcoins on your own and invite friends if you want to make your income bigger!

Explain benefits of active CryptoTab browser usage to people that you invite. The more profit they got, the more you earn!

More about Earnings
CryptoTab Browser mining speed
Google Chrome mining speed

Contains easy-to-start mining solution

CryptoTab Browser includes built-in mining algorithm that allows using your computer resources more effectively than in extension format. It boosts your mining speed up to 8 times and increases BTC earnings.

More about CryptoTab

Use CryptoTab as your primary browser to boost earnings

Mining speed is higher when the browser is active. Use CryptoTab browser for your everyday needs, surf your favorite websites, watch movies, etc. and get powerful mining at the same time.

CryptoTab Browser uses CPU resources more efficiently when the browser window is active and you can get more earnings with the same comfort of computer usage.

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Become a part of a huge mining pool!

Become a part of a huge mining pool! The bigger the pool’s computing power is, the bigger blocks can be solved, the more money you can earn! Invite most active friends of yours, who will in turn invite their own friends and start making real money! Get more than 1 BTC!
We are going to pay you for each invited user and for friends they will lead. Our referral network is up to 10 levels deep. You can check how much you’ll be getting using our income calculator. Hurry up! – The number of referral network levels will be reduced for all newly registered users shortly! All referral bonuses that we are paying off are taken from our own mining capacities which become more effective through increasing pool’s productivity.
...and we a going to pay you % of all their minings.
Invest your time and effort inviting new users and you will guarantee a high passive income for yourself for a long time.
Install CryptoTab Browser to start earning Bitcoin and enhance your browser experience –
Download CryptoTab Browser
You can trust us with 100%, we always pay! Check our recent payments list as a proof.

Calculate how much you could earn

How many friends you refer 5
Lets say, each of them will tell 5 more friends
Calculate My Income
Your Friends Your Income
Income in USD (approx.)
1st Round 15% $
2nd Round 10% $
3rd Round 5% $
4th Round 3% $
5th Round 2% $
6th Round 1% $
7th Round 0.5% $
8th Round 0.25% $
9th Round 0.125% $
10th Round 0.0625% $
Your friends and friends of them
Your income could be:
Bitcoin Chart
Start earning today, keep your income in your BTC wallet and it will be getting worth more in USD because Bitcoin exchange rate is constantly rising. The profit you make today will rise a few times by the end of the year.
Are you surprised that it is exactly Bitcoin being mined?
CryptoTab work is based on a smart system, which dynamically switches mining between several cryptocurrencies for increasing profit up to 8x relative to continued mining of the only one cryptocurrency. Our script automatically switches mining to the most profitable coin at the moment, given the mining difficulty and stock exchange rates. After that we convert all funds into Bitcoin, thats why your balance is displayed in BTC. It’s the world’s dominant cryptocurrency now, therefore we convert all funds exactly in Bitcoin.
Worry about possible hardware overheating when mining?
Most likely you will not even notice that a mining script is running on your computer, it depends on how powerful your computer is. You will be able to adjust mining speed, or turn it off altogether at any time.
Boost your Bitcoin income
Share the link to CryptoTab with your friends and get extra earnings in BTC depending on their earnings. The more you and your friends invite - the more you earn! Be proactive and make thousands of USD! Copy your personal link by plugin and share it across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Forums, and etc. Hurry up! – The number of referral network levels will be reduced for all newly registered users shortly!
Invite your friends now to grow your network rapidly. Motivate them with good passive earnings as it truly works! Use all resources for PR and it will pay off in full! Use all the means to promote and create interest and it will pay for itself.

Have questions about CryptoTab Browser?

Check our FAQ to clarify your vision about CryptoTab Browser and its possibilities.
What mining features include? CryptoTab Browser built-in mining algorithm allows you to earn bitcoins right in your account. It also contains referral network system. You can invite friends and people from social media and get a percentage of their earnings too. Browse and mine in the same time with ease. How long does it take before I can withdraw? You need to get at least minimum amount 0.00001 BTC. Usually, it doesn't take long time and you you can reach this amount in the first day. Moreover, it's possible to make much more BTC if you invite friends to your referral network. How to withdraw money? When you want to transfer earnings to your bitcoin wallet, just click «Withdraw BTC» button in the drop-down box at the right side of the main page and enter your bitcoin wallet number. How can I be sure that you really do payments? All transfers of funds confirmed in Bitcoin blockchain transaction database and available to check. You can find it in our payment journal. How long to wait for a payment processing? We currently provide payments twice a day in a manual mode. You can find the history of recent payments in a journal. How can I increase my Bitcoin earning speed? The best way to earn more Bitcoins is to invite as many friends as possible through your personal link and motivate them to lead their friends. The bigger referral network you develop, the more income you will get, and it will grow exponentially. Our referral network includes up to 10 levels of friends.
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Try out CryptoTab Browser and enjoy extremely fast web surfing in conjunction with the powerful mining
Download CryptoTab Browser
Download and setup usually take less than a minute.
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